We at Graffiti Kill SA specialize in steam cleaning and high-pressure cleaning for all surfaces. To ensure the best results we have acquiredadvanced systems that perform the job quickly, safely and efficiently. Whether you are in retail, property management or warehousing/storage we will find the best solution for your particular needs with minimal interruption to your lifestyle or business.  


We offer domestic, industrial and commercial cleaning and maintenance services that include:

  1. screens, eaves and awnings

  2. posts and railings

  3. walls and ceilings, including maintenance of vinyl and hard floors

  4. window and glass

  5. most hard surfaces such as driveways, pool surrounds, concrete and paved or stone areas

  6. mouldy entertainment areas and patios (black spot mould and green algae)

  7. interior surfaces including rubber, plastic and wood

  8. parking lots

  9. clubs and motels

  10. school grounds

  11. recreation and sport facilities

  12. graffiti removal

  13. old paintwork removal/paint stripping

  14. oil removal

  15. stubborn stains or spots (tree sap, tree sap, rust, tyre marks)

  16. building maintenance

We use environmentally friendly, high-quality cleaning products. We do not need harsh or toxic chemicals to get perfect results every time. Our professionalism, personal care and attention are reflected in testimonials from our happy customers.