High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is a great option if you want to get rid of tricky marks from hard surfaces. We can remove graffiti, chewing gum, oil stains and posters from a range of surfaces including driveways and walls. Contact us to learn more about our high-pressure cleaning from Henley Beach services.
High pressure cleaning - Who is it for?

Ravages of time and do not discriminate between residential buildings, office building, or between the inner and outer wall - all dirty and even dark at the time, some even gaining many stains and grease. The trouble only increased when the outer walls added to bird droppings, soot and other pests. So what to do? The first option is to re-paint the walls every few years - a relatively expensive solution and less comfortable. But in recent years has been increasing more affordable alternative: cleaning surfaces using high pressure washing.


High pressure cleaning - what does it mean?

High-pressure cleaning is an environmentally friendly technology that allows thorough cleaning using a system that creates a higher water pressure. These systems generate high pressure in the pipe and passes power released thoroughly cleaning the surface you want. High pressure washing systems are divided into two parts: systems with cold water pressure systems and warm water pressure. Of the two, the hot water pressure washing is more effective - because of its ability to dissolve dirt and stains too hard surfaces are considered problematic.


What are the benefits of high pressure cleaning?

Beyond efficiency and cleaning power, this method does not create engravings or scratches on the surface. Another advantage of high pressure washing is the ability to perform highly effective cleaning of a wide range of surfaces - from concrete to dry floors and stone walls.

It is dustless, safe, cost and time effective – some cleaning tasks require special equipment or can be hazardous with special training and are better done by experts


Washes away dirt, grime, grime and mould build-up thoroughly and with minimal waste


Cleaning of the driveway can make a big difference in the presentation for sale process; it can dramatically increase the perceived value of your house and curb/street appeal


Makes a difference for health reasons as well, for example, it helps get rid of allergens that cause asthma attacks and reduces the risk of your customers or patrons slipping and falling while walking on mouldy entertainment areas and patios


Cleaning your house regularly extends the life of your paintwork


Apart from cleaning stains or spots it helps get rid of wasp nests and animal droppings


It keeps your employees, clients and customers healthier, safer and happier and more comfortable. Working environment that is dirty, untidy or badly can lead to absenteeism, low productivity, accidents, lost business and lost profit


Professional cleaners are highly trained and know how to clean around expensive office or catering equipment safely (for example avoiding damaging stainless steel objects that may be caused by using sharp objects or abrasive cleaning products)



Hiring a professional cleaning service leaves you more time to relax or to focus on your family, studies and business


Cleaning surfaces with Graffiti Kill SA

We at Graffiti Kill SA specialize in high pressure cleaning for all surfaces. To ensure the best results we have acquired advanced systems that perform the job quickly and efficiently. We use this method to perform a variety of jobs including graffiti removal, cleaning walls, ceilings and various surfaces such as: walls, concrete and more. We offer an ideal solution for parking lots, concrete, interior surfaces, rubber or plastic and wood.