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    Painting Repainting & Paint Removal

    We understand the importance of giving your living spaces a quality finish while undertaking any painting job. High-Pressure Cleaners have mastered the fine art of painting both commercial & residential properties in Adelaide, Australia. As a professional contractor, we have the expertise and the latest equipment to implement complex painting, paint removal, and repainting projects in Adelaide.

    Commercial & Residential Painting Services by High Pressure Cleaners at Adelaide

    Our commercial & residential painting services are based on the following points while undertaking a painting assignment.

    Establishing the Scope of the Project in Adelaide.

    We take the time to consider the scope, cost & time to complete the assignment.

    Keeping the Safety of the Customer & Our Personnel First.

    Keeping our personnel & customers safe is paramount to us. We will make sure the paint used causes minimal health risks for people present at the workplace. We recommend using odourless high-quality paint for the safety of the occupants.

    Choosing the Right Paint Colour.

    Interior paints have to be odourless and safe for their occupants. Choosing a consistent colour theme that matches your interior décor is vital. Choosing the exterior paint with ingredients in the right proportion is paramount. The ingredients used in the paint should have the correct solvents, pigments, additives & binders for long-lasting weather protection. Solvents are quick to evaporate while it keeps the binders and pigments in suspension. Pigments are powdered minerals that give the paint its colour and opacity. Additives control dry time and levelling and protection from moulds and mildew. Binders are resins to form a thin paint film for all-weather protection.

    Offering Value-Added Services in Adelaide.

    Customers can consider taking our other value-added services. These include pressure washing, paint removal, caulking, stripping, and sanding. Pressure washing helps extend the life of your paint by removing dirt that stains surfaces.

    Essential Painting Tools We Equip Our Painting Experts With At Adelaide

    Having a fantastic painting job requires the right equipment these include.

    Clean Walls

    Clean walls are a basic necessity for a beautiful even paint coat. Making sure your walls are cleaned by a pressure washer is critical before starting a painting job.

    Brushes & Rollers

    Paint brushes and rollers are absolutely necessary for any painting job. A roller pole is essential to avoid the strain of painting the ceiling or if large portions of the building needs painting.

    Painters Tape

    Painters tape help keeping your edges looking well finished and clean. Simple blue painters tape is fine. It helps cover windows, baseboards, and wall trims. The tape can be removed thus protecting your edges & window from paint.

    Drop Cloth

    A drop cloth helps the painter to clean up the mess from paint dripping. A canvas drop cloth is also good for reuse in the future.

    Roller Trays & Paintbrush Combs

    A roller tray and a plastic tray are essential if you are cleaning you latex based paint. Paintbrush combs help remove excess paint from the paint brushes. This helps to keep paint bristles clean and strong.

    Putty Knife & Taping Knife

    A wall putty knife & taping knife are used to apply joint compound and in patching up cracks

    Paint Scraper

    A paint scraper does all the scraping work that is needed. to do all the scraping work done. A scraper blade that has a reversible blade can be used for long paint removal or paint scraping purposes.

    Ladder or Step Ladder

    Ladders are necessary to access hard to reach places. A full size ladder would be required for 8 foot ceilings.

    Paint Touch up Tool

    A touch up tool will be required to apply paint to small spots and to fix unnoticed patches on the walls left back during painting.

    Choosing the Right Contractor For All Commercial & Residential Properties in Adelaide.

    High Pressure Cleaners are quality residential & commercial painting services company in Adelaide. We are contractors who are licensed and bonded so you can be confident about the quality and safety of our services. We have to expertise to understand the complexities of any painting projects. You can call us on our Adelaide number on 0455 165 873, email us at Filling up out contact form on our website will ensure our customer service team will contact you to understand your requirement.


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