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    High pressure cleaners Adelaide

    Commercial Cleaning

    Car Park Cleaning

    High Pressure Cleaners provides its customers with an excellent Commercial Car Park Lot Cleaning service in Adelaide. Our expert car park cleaning experts have the passion and drive to do a professional job to clear oil leaks, tyre marks, dirt and debris from your car park.

    The other benefits of Car Parking Cleaning Services by High-Pressure Cleaners, Adelaide

    Improved Curb Appeal – Regularly washing your car park increases the attractiveness of the exteriors of your property.
    You’re residential or commercial property value increases due to improved curb value.

    Better Durability – Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning helps cut grime and dirt from building up. Poorly done car park cleaning will eventually erode the structural integrity of your car park.

    Prevent Mishaps – Car parking cleaning services will ensure your guests and family members from trips and falls from eroded and irregular car park surfaces. Slippery surfaces with the build-up of spills grime & mildew make it dangerous for occupants.

    Effective Cleaning Solutions – We will assure cleaning solutions we use will not damage your car park spaces. The cleaning solutions will be eco friendly and by industry standards.

    Our cleaners are equipped with mounted pressure washers capable of producing hot water for degreasing oil surfaces. The other equipment we have empowered our cleaners include large water tanks on board, generators to supply power to electric vacuum cleaners. Besides safety equipment like goggles, safety masks, and fire extinguishers to ensure safety while at work.

    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    High-Pressure Cleaners help you operate a clean, safe, and industry compliant through its commercial kitchen cleaning services in Adelaide. Our professional services clean up your commercial kitchen by providing many services. The services we provide to keep your kitchen clean in Adelaide includes

    Clean all hotline equipment like grills, ranges, ovens, fryers, etc.
    Clean, polish, and seal all floor types.
    Clean & polish stainless steel surfaces.
    Clean external hoods, blower, duct, and ventilator.

    A kitchen attracts lots of pests, rodents, and bugs. High-Pressure Cleaner’s cleaning methods have helped keep these unwanted rodents away. Special attention to food safety by undertaking regular pest control activities. Besides, using the cleaning solutions while treating your kitchen spaces will keep bacteria and microbes away.

    Canopy cleaning is also our specialty. A canopy in a commercial kitchen is designed to absorb smoke, oils, carbon dioxide, and odours from the kitchen area. Canopy cleaning will help create safe preparation spaces for preparing and serving food. Our cleaning methods have helped many establishments be clean, odour free, and well maintained. Helping improve their customer experience so that restaurants and hotels get repeat customers for a fine dining experience in Adelaide.

    Real Estate Washdown

    Commercial real estate is common terminology used to refer to property spaces such as office buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, service stations and factories.

    Our pressure cleaners have clocked in hours of experience to handle any high-pressure cleaning assignment. They are also proficient in handling high-pressure residential jobs like stair cleaning, driveway cleaning, graffiti removal, end of lease pressure cleaning, exterior house washing, external house washing, and, house washing services.

    Do you want to employ the services of a professional high-pressure contractor? Please get in touch with us with your high-pressure cleaning needs in Adelaide. Our customer service team will be able to create a Real Estate Washdown plan to match your needs at competitive rates.


    A warehouse is a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods are stored, before their distribution for sale. It is always helpful to have your factory or warehouse spic and span. Since occupational health and safety of personnel are vital. As warehouse floors throws up dust and dirt due to heavy equipment.

    High-Pressure Cleaners have the expertise and equipment to clean factories, workshops and warehouses in Adelaide. We have the modern equipment to reduce the risk of accidents caused by ineffective cleaning. It is not uncommon to find paper residue or food items.

    Vacuum sweepers are the most effective when clearing the warehouse floor of dirt.

    Large factories use forklift tru materials from one bay areacks and floor vehicles to move to another area. Causing tyre marks that need regular clean up. Our cleaners will effectively remove tyre marks by spot cleaning using a cleaning solution and water. A scrubber drier is then used to remove the dirty water for an effective cleaning mechanism.

    Scrubber driers that come with roller technology are especially suited to remove a large amount of coarse dirt.They use a mechanical roller or disc with a pad/brush. This provides the suction to clean the dirtiest surfaces. Using an alkaline cleaning agent helps speed up the cleaning process.

    Shopping Centres

    Shopping centres experience heavy foot fall throughout the year. It is imperative that the centres undergo regular cleaning. High-Pressure Cleaners are the experts in cleaning large commercial buildings with precision and in a time-bound manner in Adelaide. We pride ourselves on years of experience handling large shopping centre cleaning services. The modern equipment we use for large properties includes:

    Push vacuum sweepers – Acts as a good vacuum sweeper. This machine has a high-grade roller brush to swirl up the dirt, a suction mechanism creates traction to suck up dirt, which is then separated by a filter system. They are also called walk-behind machines.

    Ride-on Vacuum Cleaners – Are for large commercial properties., Electric vacuum cleaners have a powerful electrical motor. Thanks to their manoeuvrability, they can be operated forwards and in the reverse direction. These cleaners can clean a 6000 sq mt in over an hour. We lay emphasis give your retail space an impressive clean all the time. Besides, ensuring to follow a convenient cleaning plan. Our cleaning team will schedule their work to avoid interruptions to customers and retail staff.

    Tennis Courts

    Modern tennis courts are constructed using durable acrylic fabric requiring little maintenance. Regular cleaning can keep tennis court surfaces last from 5 to 8 years. High-Pressure Cleaners, Adelaide can help maintain your tennis court surfaces from wear and tear.

    Our cleaners will fix acrylic surface damages like cracks, surface texture, stains, moulds, and mildew growth. We have powered our cleaners with the latest cleaning equipment to do a clean job. The equipment used includes electric scrubbers, brushes of different sizes, long soft bristle brooms, mild detergent liquids and automatic sweepers. A well-installed drainage system helps divert water away from the tennis court. Our cleaners will look for damage to drain pipes, besides clearing debris and vegetation to clear blocked drains.

    Sports Complexes

    Partnering with High-Pressure Cleaners, you can expect all your cleaning needs for your sports complexes and equipment in Adelaide under one roof. We understand how when your sports facilities can soon become a breeding ground for germs while people use your sports complexes. Sportspersons while utilizing the sports complex are involved in high-energy activities like running, jumping, lifting weight, or when using the shower.

    Our experienced personnel will quickly clean these facilities to remove dry sweet smells and remove the mould and soap scum. Our state-of-the-art steam pressure cleaning technology utilizes non-toxic chemicals. This will leave your sports complexes smelling clean and fresh.

    Petrol Stations

    Every petrol station owners are aware of the risk of handling inflammable fuel. The main concern is to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees, and your customers. Petrol station owners should be aware of slips, trips, and falls at the petrol station. It is paramount to fix potholes, damaged concrete and wet pavements without any delay. It’s always wise to put up the correct signage around spills and cracked surfaces for everyone’s safety.

    High-Pressure Cleaners are your friendly petrol station cleaning contractor in Adelaide, SA. Using the right cleaning equipment ensures that our pressure washers do a clean and tidy job. Using powerful cleaning machines ensures our petrol station cleaners will clear up dirt, grime & oil spills. Our cleaners are adept at removing oily & greasy dirt by deep cleaning with steam pressure washing. Petrol station owners will like our professional petrol station cleaning services.


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