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High Pressure Cleaners  Adelaide, Servicing Commercial,Residential S.A. better know in some areas of South Australia as Graffiti Kill SA is an Australian owned business that has been serving Australian folks for a better part of the last two decades.

Excellent customer service in addition to top notch quality work drive us everyday as we serve the Australian community.

On top of graffiti removal,we also deal in painting and paint removal,high pressure cleaning with general  removal of oil,dirt,mould  amongst other things.To get a better idea as to what we do,have a look at our services, give us a RING  or send us an email by filling in the form on the contact page regards the team at HPCA.

I needed to repaint a large section of my store and considering how bad I'd previously repainted it,I thought I'd let a professional remove the old paint and repaint it for me.
I'm glad I made that choice because my store looks great now.
Thank you Adelaide graffiti removals.


Lorna Adams, Seaford


My warehouse store was really Graffitied up after someone vandalized its walls.It affected my sales and the performance of my store in general but after calling Adelaide Graffiti Removals,they got rid of the graffiti and my store's walls look good as new!
R J Coles
Adelaide S.A.

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